Garden Stories

Garden Stories Community art project, Book 2018, Barefeet Theatre Lusaka, Zambia

In cooperation with the theatre group Barefeet Theatre, whose core business is making theatre with street kids and vulnerable youth, MakeFactory made this magazine-like book. Zambia has more then 70 spoken languages. To be able to understand each other, the Zambian government has decided for English to be the official language. Of course language transfers culture more then we are aware of. The Zambian youth cannot relate to the English stories in the nearby library. Therefore Barefeet and MakeFactory thought it urgent to give local life and local people a stage and a place in the library. The book contains local history, urban legends and traditional stories from the neighbourhood Garden Compound. The editorial team was formed by youth from the hood, and an art and drawing team was formed by the children of Kafwa Drop In Centre and the art group of the library.

View here the entire book.

Replaceable or Irreplaceable that’s the question

Replaceables is a campaigning project about the replaceability of workers. Someone I know worked at a big company. He told me he was at a meeting where a dozen of people would be told that they were to get fired. It was the third meeting like that in three years.  In the three years he had worked there he had also outlived three bosses. At the meeting some people wore yellow badges and some wore red badges. The yellows were the replaceables and the red ones didn’t have much to fear, they were the irreplaceables. I was shocked when he told me this and asked him what color he had. He told me his team didn’t wear any colors and then he told me he made the whole story up to check if I was listening. It is not far besides the real world, though, and together we set up this campaign. We made the actual badges and had the workers choose what they would wear: red or yellow….?