The Makefactory Foundation is an artist’s collective, founded by artist Dienke Groenhout. Our interactive art stimulates your curiosity and is an invitation to an experience. The Makefactory never seizes to amaze people and make them think of something other than the norm. Characteristic of the MakeFactories fabrications are: interactivity and discovery of unique artwork.
The artists’ collective is locally rooted, but internationally oriented. We have toured throughout Africa, the Middle-East, South-America and Asia. We work with local artists, NGO’s and cultural organizations. This promotes social sustainability and an artistic view can create inspiring solutions. The public, participants and interested parties from all over the world are indispensable at exhibitions, performances, film evenings and art talks. Come over and experience the Makefactory artwork!

The Makefactory Foundation


Jack Bogers (chair)
Marjolein Sanders (secretary)
Oscar Meijer (treasurer)
  Dienke Groenhout
Uno Fujisawa
Kaita Shinagawa
Gígja Reynisdóttir
Jessie van Vreden


Address: Churchillweg 21, Wageningen

mail: makefactory.nl@gmail.com

Chamber of Commerce (KvK) no. 34156893
RSIN 810142429
IBAN NL60INGB0007109428