Departure: to Senegal

Under construction
Thank you very much for all your support, help and donations that have been made! It’s really fantastic! There was quite a long silence during the summer from our side because of the enormous amount of work that has been done! With the help of many people! Thank you!
Here you can see a picture of the great mobile working space that we have now, and which is now ready in the port of Antwerp before leaving for Namibia.

The Magirus truck already had its maiden voyage on the harvest day of the Eng, where we were invited to stand as the charity of the yields of the Eng’s harvest this year. Thank you very much for that!

7 houses
It seems already so long ago that the exhibition ‘7 houses’ was still in the making and that it was announced in the newsletter, but the result has not yet been reported.
The exhibition has now been one month in January in the public library and afterwards at the Forum building of the Wageningen University in April.
It will have a follow-up with a guest lecture for students of international relations at WUR Wageningen University and Research.
The 7 houses will visit more exhibition locations after MakeFactory returns to the home base.

MakeFactory on tour
In the meantime we have arrived in Senegal to start our new project: with our mobile working space we will make culture on the spot with and for the local community. Going into research with the residents in the neighborhood to jointly create a cultural hangout.
The MakeFactory crew was traveling one whole day longer than planned because upon arrival at Schiphol, after long waiting and delays, our flight was eventually canceled. But we did not find that a disaster, as we stayed in a super deluxe hotel where we spent the whole day waiting for the new flight. And we did that in the swimming pool, the sauna and the Turkish steam bath. Everyone started super-rested and relaxed on the long trip.
Saint Louis, Senegal
And now we have arrived at the Cultural Centre Diagn’art in St. Louis, Senegal.
We will be using the weekend to emerge ourselves in the local culture and start working on Monday.

The new (or maybe not so new anymore) worldwide topic. If you think away the carpet of the streets everything here in St Louis is really looking gorgeous, but don’t zoom in on any of the pictures…. This is how it is:

The river Senegal is the dumping spot for all the cities waste. What can we do? Who has any generous idea to clean this up?