At the border it is as if we are suddenly part of some kind of strange performance. We need to pass by 5 different window offices. A friendly old man explains us in which order we need to pass them by. First a body scan needs to be made of everyone. If you have a fever, you can’t pass through. Then migration, that’s where you buy a visum. Now we have to get the Magirus to pass. Which means one window for insurance, one window for road tax, and one for clearance. At every window we buy a beautiful looking paper with shiny bits, colorful stamps and watermarks. When we are finally able to proceed it is already 14:00h, we won’t make it to Livingstone.
As if to proof that the papers purchased at the border are a serious necessity, we are being stopped every 30 kilometers or so to show one of our dignified papers.
But besides that everyone of us feels the lighter atmosphere in the country. Such jolly happiness in Zambia, everyone smiles and greets us. Or is it just our relieve to leave Namibia?

After three days of travel and a visit to the world famous Victoria Falls, or Mosi O Tunya (smoking thunder), we arrive in Lusaka. Our working location, Barefeet Theatre, is an absolute wonderful place. Here people are working on theatre and theatre workshops to create chances for kids that try to leave their life on the streets behind them.

Here a few pictures of the Garden compound, the neighborhood where we’ll work: