Pocket Garden op Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam

Free space
“We have art so that we do not have to be ruined by the truth” Friedrich Nietzsche (Nietzsche, 1966)
In the research I did for my masters I looked at how artists use art as an alternative way of living and how they applied it in society. I assumed that we could use art as an alternative perspective on the organized society. These alternative perspectives artists are able to provide I called Free Space. Not always are societies including all people and even if they do, one might not feel much aligned with it. In the broader discussions or views on societies the economical or political perspectives are a much more dominant way of looking at it. I am always trying to find out how other people look upon their own truths and learn from them. What do people do when they get caught in their own truth? How do they free themselves?

With MakeFactory on tour I try to experiment with a traveling Free Space where people can work together on the other sides of the truth and give a concrete shape to that idea.

Thats why I make works that are interactive, and invite the people to operate the work, to enter it or to join.

Dienke Groenhout

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