Omusubi line

For this event Pocketgarden and Uno Bento invented together the Omusubi line.
Take 1 Omusubi=food4you and go into the garden=nature&fun for you!
Enjoy your IN and OUTside out and inside!

Omusubi line was a collaboration between Uno Bento and Pocket Garden specially made for Food4you, a knowledge festival about food, organised by the Wageningen University and Research Centre.

An Omusubi is a riceball of wich the additional ingredients can vary, wrapped up in seaweed. In Japan the Omusubi is as popular as in Europe the sandwich.
In Japan, Omusubi is considered a ‘soulfood’  this means that the ingredients are believed to have an effect on your mood next to some well known physical effects. (shown and explained in the picture). To find out wich Omusubi suits you the best you are invited to walk the Omusubi line. A few questions will be asked and they will lead you to the Omusubi of your choice and into the Pocket Garden to enjoy it the most!

Next to research about food an taste, Wageningen University and Research Centre also does a lot of research to show the effects of nature on peoples well being.
That is where Pocket Garden and Omusubi line perfectly come together.